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The Cross-Pollination of Boston Tech

AppCues' Serverless Stack
The first line of Appcues code was written in late-December 2013, amid the heyday of javascript’s renaissance. As a frontend engineer, I’ve always dreamed of a single language, no backend setup that let me build things quickly, and Appcues was the perfect chance to try it... read on
The Evolution of Wayfair's Stack
Jack Wood and I are both long-time software guys who now spend somewhat less of our time thinking about what to build, and somewhat more about how to keep a large number of systems running well. The emergent DevOps culture of the last few years has made it... read on
HubSpot's Stack - Built for Shipping at Scale
At HubSpot we've designed our team structure, development processes and technical archicture to promote strong team ownership and iteration velocity. HubSpot makes a marketing and sales platform trusted by more than 10,000 customers to power... read on

What is Stack Dive?

Exceptional products are powered by exceptional tech. Through monthly discussions and our online content platform, StackDive takes a look under the hood of the products being built by Boston’s startups. The local community takes center stage as engineers share the challenges they’ve faced and the solutions they’ve found.